I was single. I decided to call another Jew in Argentina, hoping that I would have more luck in finding a shidduch. After a couple times making calls, one of the Jews in Argentina introduced me to a girl. Now, we are dating and are very happy !!

- Abraham Spangdeltan, Los Angeles CA

Every time I travel to a new city,  I use the Jewish number and in less than 5 minutes, I would have a list of restaurants, synagogues and religious activities ready for my trip.

- Shayna Benaroch, Canada TO

A couple of months ago I needed someone to pick up some merchandise in Russia, I called the Jewish number and immediately, a Russian Jew helped me.

- Daniel Rosenberg, New York City

I was participating in an 18 day tehillim chain. One of the participants did not have time to say hers and it became too late to say them that day. I called the Jewish number and some one from LA (having a different time zone) helped us so the chain wouldn’t break.

- Tamar Alkon, México City